Hourly rates to help maintain and optimize your existing site or sign up for monthly maintenance plans for continuous support

Website Maintenance Plans Pricing and Details

MountainWave Digital Solutions offers assistance and maintenance across all website technologies. We can assist with website issues from performance, to search engine optimization, visual design issues and everything in between. Hours are billable in 15 minute increments and includes all time to make content edits, code changes, visual design changes and optimization.

  • $ 50
    Per Hour
  • Hourly Rate

    • 1 Hour of website maintenance or optimization
    • Covers code changes, visual changes or content creation
    • Can include Search Engine Optimization or Performance Optimization
  • $ 35
    Per Month
  • Copper Maintenance

    • Update to site core (WordPress, other CMS or custom sites included)
    • Regular monitoring and update to themes and plugins
    • Basic site security hardening
    • 15 minutes of personalized website support per month
  • $ 65
    Per Month
  • Sapphire Maintenance

    • All included features of the Copper plan
    • Includes automatic monthly site backups of core site files and database
    • Comprehensive security check and monitoring
    • 30 minutes of personalize website support per month
  • $ 105
    Per Month
  • Maroon Maintenance

    • All features included in the Sapphire Plan
    • Manual site and database backups
    • Monthly website health checks
    • Monthly database health check and optimization
    • Includes 1 hour of personalized website support per month

*Support time cannot be banked or rolled over per month.
**Maintenance packages do not include SEO services, 50/hourly rate can be used to include spot SEO services for a website.