Free Website Evaluation

Once your information is submitted we will scan your website, look at code and compile details about every aspect. We then compile a full report about your website that contains:

  • A technical website scan
    • Indexing and crawlability (errors, site-map setup, etc…)
    • Redirect Issues (are sites and links going where they are supposed to)
    • Technical Factors (HTTP/S Issues, Mobile friendly, etc…)
    • Links and URL’s (scan to ensure all addresses are valid)
    • Missing images and other technical errors
  • Basic SEO Checkup
    • Check website speed and domain strength
    • Check for and identify backlinks
    • Scan pages to identify keywords and where they rank on the big 3 (Google, Bing and Yahoo)
  • Social Media Integration
    • Identify social media profiles linking to your site
    • Determine strength of social media presence
    • Suggest better way to integrate site and social media presence

The entire report is free! Once the report is complete, we can help answer questions and address any problems with your site!

Give us a try today! 

**Once your information is submitted, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your website. Why so much time? We scan your website and put information together using specialized tools and experience. We don’t let a machine do it, which results in better and customized results!