Search Engine Optimization

Designed Specifically for Small Businesses

For any small business, their website should be a driver of business, but that can’t happen if nobody can see your site. When someone searches for your product or service it’s important that it shows up in Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The process for ensuring visibility in Search Engines is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Every web design or digital marketing agency offers SEO but not all of them do it well, or have you best interests at heart.

A Good Search Engine Optimizer

Will take time to get to know and understand your business

If your SEO company doesn’t understand your business, how can they understand your audience and how they will find your site?

Will discuss your online marketing goals

SEO can accomplish different things for your site. Whether it’s to drive traffic, create brand awareness or help close sales, your SEO company should know what you want to accomplish.

Should understand the technical back-end of your site and be able to audit and check for problems

User experience is one of the most important things on a website today. A seasoned SEO expert should be able to evaluate your site and fix problems that could cause your site to have diminished visibility

Frustrated With Your Site's Visibility?

Whether you have bad SEO or none at all, we can help!

Our free website evaluation includes:

  • A technical website scan
    • Indexing and crawlability (errors, site-map setup, etc…)
    • Redirect Issues (are sites and links going where they are supposed to)
    • Technical Factors (HTTP/S Issues, Mobile friendly, etc…)
    • Links and URL’s (scan to ensure all addresses are valid)
    • Missing images and other technical errors
  • Basic SEO Checkup
    • Check website speed and domain strength
    • Check for and identify backlinks
    • Scan pages to identify keywords and where they rank on the big 3 (Google, Bing and Yahoo)

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