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What is Web Hosting?

A website host or hosting company consists of collections of servers and is the primary location where the files that make up your website are stored. Beyond the servers, there are a lot of additional elements like backup power supplies, network connection equipment, security measures, air conditioning systems, and everything else that ensures always-on, always ready availability.

Your web host is also responsible for things like server maintenance, keeping the software and hardware up to date, troubleshooting, and more. A good web host can monitor, maintain and keep the heavy duty IT headaches away from their clients and allow them to do what they do best; run their business.

Important Considerations When Searching for a Web Host


If your site is not accessible to the internet most of the time it does you no good. We provide robust, reliable hosting with 99.9% uptime and use state of the art monitoring tools to ensure that when there’s a problem we can jump right on it.


Bandwidth is incredibly important for web hosting and is generally defined as the amount of traffic and number of page views your website can handle every single month. We don’t throttle users and freely believe in an unlimited bandwidth policy.

Storage is how many files your website can hold. Unless you’re storing videos, collecting and storing user data, or a ton of media content, you shouldn’t hit a wall with our hosting solutions. If you end up needing more storage it is easy to scale up as needed. Our plans are designed for small and medium sized businesses, so whether you want a website, blog or online store we got you covered!


The best way to know if your web host is doing a good job? You don’t even know they are there, but for the times when something goes wrong we are available to help. Clients can always reach out about a problem or issue they are having relating to our hosting service and we will be happy to help assist and see it to resolution. We don’t treat our customers like numbers, every single on is important to us!


As your site lives online there’s a chance it may grow popular, very popular. If site visits are soaring or sales are flying through the roof we can help keep up with the increase. We have the ability to scale all hosting plans and services up on nearly any little detail. From small online blogs that hit the big time or online stores that are selling the next big thing, we can adapt as quickly as you and help keep things solid for your website or online store.


Tips for Finding a Good Web Host

  • Better than 99% up-time
  • Variety of plans
  • Resources and support for getting started
  • Migration support (if you already have a site)
  • Secure and reliable servers

MountainWave Solutions offers all of this and more!

Web Hosting - Pricing

MountainWave Digital Solutions hosts our sites on high performance, reliable and secure servers right here in the USA. We have no preference on what platform your site is designed with so whether you have a WordPress site, Drupal, WooCommerce or even a custom designed site we can give it a great place to live!

Our plans are designed with small business in mind, so we provide fast, safe and reliable hosting that doesn’t break the bank.

See our plans below!

  • $ 10
    Per Month
  • Basic Web Hosting

    • Rock solid reliability and speed
    • 2GB of storage space
    • 3 e-mail addresses
    • Cpanel dashboard
    • No bandwidth transfer limits
    • SSL security certificate (HTTPS) – NEW!
  • $ 15
    Per Month
  • Plus Web Hosting

    • Rock solid reliability and speed
    • 3GB of storage space
    • 5 e-mail addresses
    • Cpanel dashboard
    • No bandwidth transfer limits
    • SSL security certificate (HTTPS) – NEW!
  • $ 20
    Per Month
  • Premium Web Hosting

    • Rock solid reliability and speed
    • 5GB of storage space
    • 10 e-mail addresses
    • Cpanel dashboard
    • No bandwidth transfer limits
    • SSL security certificate (HTTPS) – NEW!
**If you need something that doesn’t fit into the plans above let us know! We have incredible flexibility and can set something up to fit your needs!

What You Get

Rock Solid Reliability
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Quick page loading times
Storage Space
  • Space for your website, store, images and media to live
E-mail addresses
  • Tired of those yourbusiness@gmail accounts? We will help you set up new e-mail addresses with your domain.
  • Example: yourname@yourbusiness.com
Cpanel Dashboard
  • For the more technically inclined, we’ve included a dashboard where you can see your disk usage, resource usage and add subdomains and additional sites if wanted.
  • Unlimited, we don’t throttle or meter!
SSL Certificate (Keep Your Site Secure HTTPS)
  • We now include the option of an SSL certificate. This verifies your site’s authenticity and keeps transaction information (personal info, credit card numbers) encrypted end-to-end for maximum security. Great for online stores and blogs with memberships!

**Any software support will be billed under our hourly rate for Hosting Plans, unless signed up with us for a maintenance plan.

Need Hosting and Support?

View our maintenance plans for hosting, SEO, performance optimization and general site help. These packages include hosting and are best for users who want more help with their site!